Is it worth sending a thank you note after the first interview?

Published by Nitin Kumar on September 2nd, 2011

After you have been invited for your first interview in a job posting that you applied for, you are obviously telling yourself that what you say and do in that interview or probably the qualification papers that you present to the interviewing panel should be what earn you the job but surprisingly, there are some things that are not even connected to your work or for that matter prospective work that can have a huge impact in determining the candidate who wins the race.

Maybe you might ask yourself why this should be the case but listen, in any interview the most probable conclusion that you can get is that, all the interviewee are likely to be people of almost the same qualifications and ability and to have that one specific applicant that stands out may seem very difficult at least in terms of qualifications and that said, making an impact may take other auxiliary steps such as a thank you notes after the interview.

What a thank you note does is that it gives you one the recognition of your potential employer and secondly, it is the best way to show that you are very much interested in the job. As much as this alone might not be enough reason to get hired, what it can do in ensuring that your abilities are on the spotlight is something that cannot be overemphasized more than this.

When sending your thank you note it is also important to take caution so that it doesn’t work against your chances and there are some things that you should keep in mind before sending it let alone how you send it and what you write on it. to start with, you should be in a position to ask yourself, do you really have to send it, is it something that you genuinely feel you should do or is just aimed at creating a name for yourself. In most cases, genuine thank you notes have had a lot of impact in job applications than just mere thank you formalities. However even if you are doing it as a formality, you should make it look genuine as possible.

The thank you note is something that is supposed to create an impression that you are interested in the job and that you know what is the job all about and having noted this point, you should be able to make your note as relevant to the interview events as possible and also, very brief and objective.

In other words stay professional, if there is anything you will need to talk about apart from the appreciation let it be about your job and nothing else. Talking about how you felt or what you will do once you get the job is considered cozy and lack of self believe something that not many employers would want to add to their human resource. The thank you note is very important and should be written very professionally.